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"I bounced in my seat watching 'When Broomsticks Were King: A Tribute to Stickball and the Heroes Who Played.' It hit me like a three-sewer shot because most of what I know about life I learned from stickball. So it was pure nostalgic pleasure to watch 'Broomsticks.' This little film is a fictional three-sewer tribute to all middle-aged guys who ever worshiped at the altar of the manhole cover." 

--Denis Hamill, New York Daily News


"Whether you used a spaldeen or a tennis ball, stickball was part of our life growing up in the city. Hearing the boys reminisce, bust chops and break balls made me want to call my buddies and get a game going at the old schoolyard."

--Roger Clark- New York One Reporter


“When Broomsticks were King” Is a very accurate depiction of the game of stickball in New York City. This film will remind anyone who played the game of days past playing on the streets of New York City either from Bronx, Brooklyn or Staten Island. For anyone who played and loves the game of stickball this is a must see!

--Carlos Diaz- President Stickball Hall of Fame

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